A Mother’s Day Story

The following story is from Sherri Mills;Sherri Mills Daily Dish

The best Mother’s day I can remember was a long time ago when my children were small. Every time it was Mother’s Day the kids would save their pennies way ahead of time so they could buy something real nice. I couldn’t see them always spending their hard earned money on me so I mentioned before the next Mother’s day that I would like them to give me a gift of chores they could do.

Every now and then I would see them collaborating together over what seemed like a very important subject. This was weeks before my day was to be here, and I had forgotten about the small hint I had given them, so I was just enjoying the closeness of three siblings who, quite often were at odds with each other. As time went on I had somewhat of an idea what was up, so I would make myself scarce in order to let them have their little meetings in private.

Mother’s Day; very early in the morning I got a call from my husband, who was out of town on business. He had forgotten about the time change and the call awakened me out of a sound sleep; 5 AM my time. After I got off of the phone, I could hear rustling at the foot of my bed. I was stilMarriage 101 For Men 2x3l in shock by the telephone and all three kids popped up and screamed, “Happy Mother’s Day!” I jerked around and looked at the clock, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. My children never got up early in the morning. I Almost Divorced My Husband_2x3

They were all so excited. My bedroom felt like it was Christmas and Santa’s little elves were at my beck and call. They all talked at once. “Here is my list of chores I am going to do for you.” “I made you breakfast.” “Here’s my list.” I was in perpetual shock. Then I smelled something burning in the kitchen. Nicole ran out to save the day. She opened the door to let the smoke out, and then within a few minutes all three of them brought me breakfast in bed.

On the menu was a sloshy half raw, half burnt egg, completely black toast and a very warm glass of milk. The milk had been poured early on.. To this day it was the best breakfast I have ever eaten. As the kids fell asleep one by one I went out to the kitchen, which was in shambles. This was the only time I loved cleaning the kitchen.

The happiest Mother’s Day ever.

Sherri Mills is the author of “Marriage 101 For Men: Why Taking Out The Trash is a Turn-On,” and “I Almost Divorced My Husband, But I Went On Strike Instead.”