A Dream That Changed One’s Destiny

This is a guest post by Erik Olsen. Erik was born in Salt Lake City. He went to Brighton High School and afterwards went on a LDS mission to North Carolina. After his mission he came home and found the girl of his dreams, Wendy Patane, who decided she could put up with him, and so he married her. They have five incredible children, Stettsen, Dallas, Xanthe, Siri, and Chelsey. They currently live in Sandy Utah and love it here. If you’d like to view his website it’s, www.flinsdestiny.com. Or, if you’d like to email him, olsenerik1@yahoo.com.

WOW!!! What can I say about writing? Here’s the deal. Growing up I never desired to be a writer, nor did I think I could ever do so. The patience involved, and the writing skills needed I thought were nowhere to be found in someone like myself. Other people were far more qualified. Strange enough, I found that I really enjoy writing; I guess I just really had never tried it. That is until one strange dream in the middle of the afternoon while on vacation with my family. I don’t know if you’ve ever had such an amazing or crazy dream, but I did.

As you may guess, this dream turned into the series I wrote called, Flin’s Destiny. This dream was so incredibly real that I just had to write it down. Against my will I was forced to write. Ew!!! At least I thought I was forced to write, but now, over six years later, I do it because I enjoy it. Odd huh? Truth be told, I almost feel like I can’t take credit for the series because whoever put this vision, or dream into my head that just had to come out is mostly responsible. Either way, I’m very grateful.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret as of how to start your book. First, place your hands on the keyboard of your computer. Next, simply start tapping at the keys to input whatever comes out of your mind. The beginning of your story may not really matter, and I know this because I had to get rid of a hundred and seventy pages which were the very first pages of my book and they took me over six months to write. So, that being said, if you have a dream in you that just needs to be told and you think it’s worth writing about, do it, just do it!

Cobble Cavern: Book 1 of the Flin's Destiny Series by Erik Olsen, Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy and Magic, Middle Grade Books

Well, if you’re thinking of writing a book, I hope I’ve been of some help to you, maybe not. I’ve found writing comes naturally to some, like my wife. She’s an incredible writer. I’ve had to try and figure it out this entire time. Maybe that’s what keeps me going, the will to get better.

What keeps you writing?

Thanks for listening, now get to creating your own dream!

— Erik Olsen