2011 Best Cover Winner

The cover of Wings of Light was votedWinnerof the 2011 Readers’ Choice Best Book Cover!Congratulations to Laura Bingham(author) and Megan Whittier (cover designer)!

Wings of light, YA Fantasy, Elves, magic











Congratulations as well to the other covers that made it into the finalist round. We had four covers make it, including Wings of Light. The other three were:

Assassination of Governor Boggs by Rod Miller, Utah, Mormons, Porter Rockwell, guns, Wild west, Detective

The Assassination of Governor Boggs

Author:Rod Miller

Designer: Dani Romell

Hope's Journey by Sephanie Connelley Worlton, Teen Pregnancy, lds romance books

Hope’s Journey

Author:Stephanie Worlton

Designer:Angela D. Olsen

The Kissing Tree by Prudence Bice, Western Romances, clean books, LDS authors, utah Authors

The Kissing Tree

Author:Prudence Bice

Designer:Angela D. Olsen

Congratulations to our authorsas well as the awesome design team here at Cedar Fort whose books that made it into the top 5 covers of their genre:

The Upside of Down byRebecca Talley

*The Tomb Builder by E. James Harrison

*The Wise Man Returns byKenny Kemp

Sudden Peril byFrank Richardson

Count Down to Love byJulie N. Ford

Honeymoon Heist byAnna Jones Buttimore

The Last Archangel byMichael D. Young

Perdition’s Gateway byTerrance Drake

Geek Girl byCindy C. Bennett

Independence Rock byDebra Terry Hulet

Huber Hill and the Dead Man’s Treasure byB.K. Bostick

The MisAdventures of Phillip Isaac Penn byDonna Peterson

*Wasatch Summer byAnola Pickett

Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth byAndy Hueller

This contest was run by LDS Publisher. Visit their site to see what other covers were featured in the finalist round and genre categories.

*Won Publisher’s Choice for their Genre.